Ian Strang


Produced by Windfall Films for Discovery Channel EMEA, Discovery Science, France TV, N24 Germany

Unearthed investigates new evidence that reveals the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilizations and the iconic megastructures they built.

How were the Pyramids constructed and what lies hidden inside their secret chambers? How does the Parthenon stand tall against earthquakes? How was sticky rice used to build the Great Wall of China? What sacred secret lies beneath the Maya temples of Chichen Itza?

Space's Deepest Secrets
Extreme Stars

Directed by Henry Fraser
Produced by Windfall Films for Discovery Channel EMEA, Discovery Science Channel, Discovery Canada, Red Bull Media, Canal D, N24 Germany

Could the life and death of the most extreme stars in the cosmos be key to understanding our very existence?

Astronomers at Jodrell Bank in the UK reveal how even inside the aftermath of a massive stellar explosion, a freakish zombie star that cannibalises others can rise from the dead. We join astrophysicists working in laboratories hidden under the Gran Sasso mountains in Italy who are hoping to foresee a supernova explosion. CGI animation will tie together clues from ongoing scientific missions around the world and reveal how integral stars are to our universe.

Hipster Handbook

Directed by Graham Strong
Produced by Mentorn Media for BBC Four

Social commentator Peter York seeks to understand what he sees as the modern obsession with 'The Authentic'. He speaks to crafts people and expert commentators on his journey to understand the current cultural moment. He also examines where the label of the 'hipster' has its roots and whether it is too general a term for such a broad movement.

Contributors include Times deputy fashion editor Harriet Walker, the Guardian architecture critic Oliver Wainwright, and Sir John Hegarty. Peter also travels to the United States to look at parallels between the UK and America.

Inside The Factory

Directed by Chris Parkin
Produced by Voltage TV for BBC Two

Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey get exclusive access to some of the largest food factories in Britain to reveal the secrets behind food production on an epic scale.

David Baddiel on the Silk Road

Directed by Glenn Swift
Produced by Pioneer Productions for Discovery UK

A four part series following David on his journey as he uncovers the mysteries behind the 2000 year old trade route.

Machines: How They Work

Machines: How They Work

Produced by Windfall Films for Discovery Science

This series uses incredible photo-real CGI to explode machines into their component parts, and reveal the extraordinary hidden workings at their heart.

Strip the Cosmos

Strip The Cosmos

Produced by Windfall Films for Discovery UK

Strip the Cosmos explores major planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies by following scientific missions close up, and using extensive CG animation to explore the structure, origins and density of the cosmos. It was a lot of fun to cut, especially working with great producer/directors like Glenn Swift, Duncan Bulling and Johnny Shipley.

The Rules of Abstraction with Matthew Collings

The Rules of Abstraction

Directed by Graham Strong
Produced by Blakeway Productions for BBC Four

Painter and critic Matthew Collings charts the rise of abstract art over the last 100 years while trying to answer a set of basic questions about this often baffling art form.

Rise of the Machines

Produced by Windfall Films for Discovery Canada and H2

Rise of the Machines uses CG animation to explode apart some of the world's most extreme machines to reveal the engineering at the heart of their design. Over the course of several months I learned all about heavy lift ships. And high speed trains. And Pisten Bully Snowcats. An experience made all the more excellent thanks to the amazing Lucy Haken and the ever brilliant Graham Strong.